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30 Day Jump Start
to Better Health

2 Visits
4 Weeks of customized Meal Plans
4 Weeks of Unlimited Messaging

The perfect package for individuals ready to get a jump start on improving their health!

Is this you?

It’s Monday morning. You dread putting on your outfit and feel like the scale is calling your name after the weekend that you’ve had. You feel sluggish and tired and feel your stress level climbing as you think about your week ahead. You’ve finally come to the decision that you’re tired of feeling tired, and it’s time to make a change. You just need a little help, support, and that final push to get started.

We can help!

  • Our 30 day jump start is the perfect package to get you motivated for change. It’s for individuals who:
  • want to feel healthy, energized, and confident
  • want to learn what and how to eat for sustainable health
  • want to enjoy food and eliminate the guilt and shame
  • want to feel confident in their body
  • want to stop yo-yo dieting
It is not for people who:
  • have an active eating disorder
  • are seeking medical nutrition therapy

What Our Clients
Have to Say...

“My wife and I have been vegan for years, but 901 Nutrition’s healthy eating series has really helped us to fill in the gaps!”
“Kristi was very welcoming and did not make the meeting uncomfortable in any way. She was very knowledgeable and brought many things to my attention that I had never been aware of in the past.”
“Since meeting with the dietitians at 901 Nutrition, I have worked a lot harder at maintaining my weight, not just for how I look, but how I feel as well!”
“I now see how important healthy habits are for a long and successful life. I plan to continue to follow up with Kristi. Not only is she a great accountability partner, but she really knows what she is teaching and is passionate about helping others live a healthier life.”

30 Day Jump Start

What's Included

Initial Session (75 minutes) + Meal Planning Assessment

The initial session is our chance to get to know one-another. We will discuss your current goals and struggles around food, your likes, dislikes, health history, stress, lifestyle, and more. Our meal planning assessment reviews your food likes, dislikes, sensitivities, allergies, and more, so that we can create your perfect meal plan.

Unlimited Messaging With Your Dietitian

We make communicating with us simple and convenient. From our app you can securely message us with your nutrition-related questions for continued support and guidance. Unlimited messaging available for 4 weeks.

4 Weeks of Customized Meal Plans

Once we have completed your meal planning assessment, we will create 4 weeks of meal plans including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Our meal plans have everything you need for a month of healthy eating, including grocery lists and easy-to-cook recipes. 

Follow-up Session

The follow-up session occurs at the end of the 30 days and gives us a chance to discuss what’s working well, and where we may need to troubleshoot. It also allows more time for nutrition education and digging into potential root causes of symptoms/behaviors.

Additional Support

In order for you to receive support between sessions, we provide:

  • Food journal review – if you choose to utilize the food journal, we will be able to follow along with you on your journey and provide support and accountability.

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