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901 Nutrition Presents

The 3 Keys to
Food Freedom

#1. DITCH the DIET and the diet mentality. Get rid of the diet foods, the scale, the calorie-trackers and macro counters.

#2. BEGIN to LISTEN. Listen to your body’s cues for hunger, fullness, sleep, movement, stress reduction, and so much more. Learn to PRACTICE MINDFULNESS, mindfulness in eating, movement, and SELF-TALK. .

#3.LEARN About NUTRITION, understand the WHY

In this series we show you why and how to ditch diets. As we let go of dieting, we teach you how to experience freedom with ALL FOODS! Yes, all of them, from carrots to cupcakes.

We relearn how to listen to our body. We TUNE IN to our body. We become observers of the myriad of physical sensations and cues that signal different needs. We learn to rest when we need rest, and move when it feels good. We learn to feel hunger and experience the joy of feeling satisfied with food. We also become aware of our negative self-talk about food and body and begin to replace it with neutral and self-soothing thoughts. We get to know nutrition through a different lens and come to understand the WHY behind certain foods and nutrients. We get to make decisions about food according to our body’s needs, not according to a plan. Through all of this and more, we learn to practice self-care, and our relationship with food and body begins to heal.

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