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Nutrition Coaching

Evidence-Based nutrition information + Customized meal Plans

Ready to experience a whole new level of energy? Improved confidence in the decisions you’re making around food and your overall health? Click here to schedule your first appointment.

Picture this…

You’re outside on your patio enjoying a bowl of ice cream on a warm summer evening. You have no thoughts about calories, no worries about your weight. You’re not anxious about eating too much nor bothered by thoughts of ‘starting over’ tomorrow. You chose the flavor you love and the toppings that make you smile and you’re enjoying it. You’re present, in the moment. You feel relaxed in your body and satisfied with your choices. You bask in the pleasure brought about by this bowl of ice cream.

Or This…

It’s Friday morning. You wake up feeling rested. You start your day with a delicious breakfast and feel great, because you are providing your body with the fuel it needs. You are now taking fewer medications, because you have worked hard to implement nutritious eating habits. You are still able to enjoy the foods you love, because you have found balance between health and comfort. You are happy with your appearance and feel confident throughout your day.

This can be you.

We both came from two extremes.

Kristi – I grew up not knowing much about what balanced or healthful eating looked like. There were many processed and sugary foods in the house. We rarely cooked and instead ate convenience items or went out to eat. If I felt I needed to lose weight, I simply ate less or worked out harder (crazy to think how much has changed with my approach to eating and overall body image!). I’m not sure I knew how to recognize my body’s natural hunger and fullness cues. It wasn’t until college that I really began to cook. If I’m being honest, the foods I eat now…I didn’t know what half of them WERE in college.

I love that I now have confidence around my eating habits, even when out to eat or at a family gathering. What I’ve found is sustainable. I’ve really learned to pay attention to the hunger and fullness cues my body gives me. I’ve learned about why balanced, nutrient-dense meals contribute to satiety and sustained energy.

NOW I love sharing my story and the many things that I’ve learned over the years with clients. I’ve seen where intuitive eating has been a turning point for many. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of so many health journeys!

Erin – I grew up in a health focused home. As I moved into my teen years, health became more of an obsession which lasted into my early 20’s. I was driven by appearance, fitness, and ‘clean’ foods. I had rigid thoughts and routines which were unsustainable and stole from the enjoyment of eating. Extremes were all I knew.

On my journey I realized that the only way to care for my body and soul was to turn inward and listen. I learned to lean into my body’s wisdom and honor its requests. I no longer push myself to do exercises I don’t enjoy or am too tired to do, and I eat foods because I love the way they taste and make me feel. I have the freedom to choose to nourish my body in a way that I can trust.

NOW I help clients find and trust their inner wisdom. We throw out the food rules and diet handbooks that created an unhealthy relationship with food and replace those with the principals of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating. We work towards developing healthy behaviors that allow for a happy and joyous life.

Our one-on-one coaching is for individuals who:

  • want to feel healthy, energized, and confident
  • want to learn what and how to eat for sustainable health
  • want to enjoy food and eliminate the guilt and shame
  • want to feel confident and at peace in their body
  • want to stop yo-yo dieting
  • want to enjoy life and live without food fears!

What Our Clients
Have to Say...

“My wife and I have been vegan for years, but 901 Nutrition’s healthy eating series has really helped us to fill in the gaps!”
“Kristi was very welcoming and did not make the meeting uncomfortable in any way. She was very knowledgeable and brought many things to my attention that I had never been aware of in the past.”
“Since meeting with the dietitians at 901 Nutrition, I have worked a lot harder at maintaining my weight, not just for how I look, but how I feel as well!”
“I now see how important healthy habits are for a long and successful life. I plan to continue to follow up with Kristi. Not only is she a great accountability partner, but she really knows what she is teaching and is passionate about helping others live a healthier life.”

Individualized Nutrition Coaching

What's Included

Initial Session (75 minutes)

The initial session is our chance to get to know one-another. We will discuss your current goals and struggles around food, your likes, dislikes, health history, stress, lifestyle, and more.

Follow Ups (45 minutes)

The follow up sessions are where the real work is accomplished. We will create a plan tailored to you that allows us to work towards your nutrition related goals. We will troubleshoot barriers that arise and work on creating new sustainable thoughts and behaviors around food.

Additional Support

In order for you to receive support between sessions, we provide:

  • Food journal review – if you choose to utilize the food journal, we will be able to follow along with you on your journey and provide support and accountability.
  • Ongoing Messaging Support – you can send us a message asking a question, bringing up a concern, celebrating a victory, whatever might come up for you between appointments. We are your dietitians, even when we’re not in session.

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