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Erin & Kristi

Hi! We are Kristi and Erin, licensed and registered dietitians. Before you ask, we are not related, but we get mistaken for being sisters all the time! We provide telehealth nutrition counseling for our home city of Memphis and beyond.

Our approach is holistic, considering sleep habits, stress levels, emotional well-being, and more. We encourage intuitive eating and the enjoyment of food. We understand that each individual is unique, so no two sessions are alike. We are excited at the opportunity to be a part of your health journey!

I’m Erin Dragutsky, a native Memphian, a mom of one (so far), a lover of warm weather, and a health and fitness enthusiast.

As a non-diet dietitian, I do not take a one-size-fits-all approach nor restrict or eliminate entire food groups. Instead, I work to understand your unique nutrition needs and goals and provide personalized nutrition information, encouragement, and accountability. I will guide you in realigning with your hunger and fullness and trusting your inner wisdom about nourishing your body. Diets will be a thing of the past.

I’m Kristi. I’m native to Memphis, but I LOVE to travel and spend time outdoors! I also love to read, write, workout at SHRED415, and go for long walks with my husband and fur baby (a mini Australian shepherd named Miller – he’s the CUTEST!).

I have several years of experience as a dietitian in both acute care and dialysis settings. One of my greatest passions is helping those with early stage chronic kidney disease delay and even prevent dialysis. My primary goal is to provide ALL of my clients with the tools and knowledge they need to feel confident in the decisions they are making around their health.

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Your Stories

We are proud to be a part of your success!

“My wife and I have been vegan for years, but 901 Nutrition’s healthy eating series has really helped us to fill in the gaps!”
“Kristi was very welcoming and did not make the meeting uncomfortable in any way. She was very knowledgeable and brought many things to my attention that I had never been aware of in the past.”
“Since meeting with the dietitians at 901 Nutrition, I have worked a lot harder at maintaining my weight, not just for how I look, but how I feel as well!”
“I now see how important healthy habits are for a long and successful life. I plan to continue to follow up with Kristi. Not only is she a great accountability partner, but she really knows what she is teaching and is passionate about helping others live a healthier life.”